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Thanks for stopping by!  I’m Brandy Butler, I am a Career Reinvention Strategist for successful career women.  I’m passionate about helping women to reignite joy into their vocation by reinventing their careers.  Many of clients proceed to establish new businesses.  I believe that through pursuing purpose and serving others that we each have the power to create wealth & independence.  I help my clients to MAGNIFY their message & gain momentum in their business.  Before working with me, many of my clients feel “STUCK” in their careers and some of them had already attempted to launch their businesses only for business to remain to stagnate.  Once I partner with you, one thing is for certain, you will become crystal clear about what you want from your job and/or business and you will bold & unapologetically move into that direction.


It’s my personal mission to help spread more positive messages to the masses.  I help my clients get their platform messages maximum exposure while allowing them to focus on their central business functions.  Bottom line, I help my clients to build and market businesses in a way that supports their personal strengths.

My first online business taught me the real power of having an online platform.  What started out as a hobby on the side became my first lesson in brand loyalty, building a tribe, content and relationship marketing.  Within months of my first business, my sales expanded beyond the US.  I had gone global baby!  My customers were spread as far as the UK, Australia, and Japan.  By partnering with bloggers, I was able to generate enough buzz that local boutiques and salons began to wholesale my products. I eventually sold that first line of business.  I then began to concentrate my business attention on content marketing, blogging and platform building.

Out of everything that I have done in terms of entrepreneurship, coaching & consulting have been the primary activities that have allowed me the most fulfillment and ability to serve people at a deep transformative level.  I WISH that I would have started working with a coach sooner in my business journey, specifically while I was still maintained a job.  I know how to

When I’m not busy planning world domination, I enjoy spending time with and cooking for my family.  I am a loving wife, mother of two wild boys and one precious princess.  The most important thing that you should know about me is…I’m a ROCK STAR, with a dose of tenacity the size of the Mississippi River.  I want to see you win and I will do everything in my power to bring your vision to light. 

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If you are in need of clarity & want to elevate your life + biz to your next level, then I invite you to schedule a COMPLIMENTARY Breakthrough Session (a $497 value) with me.  You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.  I was put on this earth to POUR INTO others.  I GUARANTEE that during our call, you’ll gain at least 1 – 3 actions that will shift your business.